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St John"s Wort: An Alternative Treatment for Depression

Have you ever felt sad, miserable, unhappy, or cheerless? Well, if so, you can be depressed.
Clinical depression is a mood disorder in which feelings of hopelessness, inadequacy or frustration interfere with your daily life for a long period of time.
Most of us feel this way once and again for short periods.
That is why I believed it is so important to know how to deal with this mood disorder.
It have been said for professionals that for a person who suffers from moderate to severe depression, an adequate treatment plan will possibly involve a combination of talk therapy, lifestyle changes, and medication.
Although for years antidepressants, which are drugs used to treat or prevent depression, have been a very common treatment for this disorder, nowadays some people believed that they do not work for everyone.
For many people with mild depression, antidepressants seem to have little effect.
On the other hand, for people with more severe depression, antidepressants generally provide a good effect.
However, if an antidepressant seems to relieve your symptoms it may be a good treatment choice for you.
If you are taking an antidepressant for mild depression, do not stop taking it without consulting your doctor.
Now, you are probably wondering: What should I take if I suffer from a mild depression? I know you do not want to consider an antidepressant if you can resolve your problem in another way.
So, I will give you a good option to consider in this regard.
Natural products can be your solution; they are an alternative treatment for mild depression.
A natural product contains no unnatural chemicals, and it is a naturally occurring organic compound.
Natural products are made from materials and ingredients found in nature and possess a variety of biological or pharmacological activities.
The companies that produce natural products most take the commitment to non-synthetic manufacture seriously.
The evaluation of several trials performed in order to corroborate the efficacy of St.
John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) in the treatment of depression showed the product is effective for mild to moderate depression, and may not be effective for major depression.
The medicinal uses of this plant were first recorded in ancient Greece.
John's wort is a plant with yellow flowers.
The flowers and leaves of St.
John's wort are used to prepare tablets, capsules, teas and liquid.
John's wort is widely known as an herbal treatment for mild depression, however it can be also used for anxiety and sleep disorders.
The consumption of St.
John's wort extracts improves mood and decreases insomnia and anxiety caused by depression.
In some countries St.
John's wort is commonly indicated in supportive treatment for anxiety and mild depression especially in children and adolescents, and a prescription can be required to obtain this product.
In the United States, St.
John's Wort is not a prescription medicine.
Standardized extracts are generally available over the counter in any drug store.
The most common adverse effects reported are gastrointestinal symptoms, dizziness, confusion, tiredness and sedation.
However, St John's Wort is generally well tolerated.

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