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How to train for a 5K run?

    • 1). Make sure you have comfortable attire and a good pair of running shoes.

    • 2). Keep track of your progress by time or miles in a running log. Running this distance takes 15 or 30 minutes of your time when you are a fast runner and about an hour for walkers and beginners. Remember that you are the only one you are competing against, and your goal is to be the best you can be.

    • 3). Give yourself time to get in shape and train properly. If your body is not used to going the distance, take it slow. Start out with smaller distances and then increase. This will minimize any potential injury.

    • 4). Find a committed running partner. It is much more difficult to skip a run when you have someone else depending on you.

    • 5). Eat properly and learn to understand how diet effects your training routine. Keep in mind that certain foods will fuel you more effectively than others, such as whole-grain breads, cereals, fruits and vegetables.

    • 6). Don't overexert yourself. Alternate by walking for a few minutes and then running for a few minutes. Aim for at least three training sessions per week. Make sure you rest on days in between each running session.

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