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Brett Favre Controversy

The Brett Favre Controversy is hitting the airwaves after his interview with Greta on her show - On the Record.
Being one who is old enough to remember watching the Ice Bowl as a boy, and often would call Brett, Bart - by mistake through the years, I thought I would throw out a few thoughts.
There are always two sides to every story, and perhaps that is what makes this controversy so interesting.
The story tellers from each side of it, Brett Favre and the Packer Organization, are usually honest and straightforward in their communication - so from my perspective there isn't a rat hiding somewhere, it boils down to a conflict of values.
Values? Watching football through the 1960s and 1970s it was rare that a good player would change teams.
Once they were established, they stuck with the organization that they found a home with.
As the years went by, things begin to change.
Players begin to simply display what is common in our culture - looking out for #1.
Loyalty to a company or an organization become less of a value or priority.
I'm not condoning or condemning this, just observing.
I can see both sides of the coin:Players should factor loyalty into their decisions; Organizations should treat their key people with respect and reward appropriately.
Of course the salary cap impacted all these dealings and decisions.
Honestly, I am more old school.
Before we cheese heads condemn Brett Favre if our fears of him playing for another team materialize, we should also remember Reggie White.
When he first left the Eagles I questioned his loyalty factor - how, after being an Eagle all those years, could he put on another jersey? As time went on though, I embraced his role with the Packers, and loved watching him play.
Subtly my values were changing with the societal swing - Reggie followed his heart and it worked out for him, the Packers, and the fans.
The Brett Favre controversy is simply exposing the value shift that has transpired and become very accepted in our culture.
Look out for #1.
Players are looking for the most money or the best place for them; and organizations are trading and drafting with the consideration of individual players being overshadowed by the win-loss/profit margin - simply the way business is done now.
It seems the Packer organization has moved without Brett.
I will still be a Packer fan.
Brett changed his mind and now wants to play, the Packers should let him, he has earned it.
If they don't want to start him, let him find another team to help.
I will still be a Brett Favre fan.
When I heard about the Brett Favre controversy, initially I was disturbed.
Now?I've decided I don't have to choose.
I am a Packer Fan - always have been, and always will be.
I mean a REAL fan - I wore green & gold living near Chicago through the 80's when the Bears were beating us up!I've also become a Brett Favre fan.
He is fun to watch.
I hope he plays next season.
I hope he plays for the Packers.
If he plays for another team, I will be cheering him on, and now have 2 team to cheer for.
(Unless of course it is the Bears- every man has his limits.

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