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Learn to Deal With Allergies When Singing

Allergies can really throw you a curve and interfere with your plans when you are trying to become a singer.
This affliction can cause you to be all stuffed up with mucus, make you cough until your throat is sore, and even cause the muscles in your throat to swell up.
Since the voice is such a delicate instrument, these changes can really wreak havoc on it, making it difficult to sing the right notes on the scales, especially the high notes.
Tips for Singing with an Allergy So what do you do if you have plans to enter a karaoke or local talent competition, or if you have more serious auditions scheduled and you start to feel the tell tale signs of allergies coming on? You need to find a way to make it through the session, as difficult as this might be.
How do Professionals Do It? Obviously other people do it since you seldom hear of professional singers cancelling their shows because they have allergy symptoms.
The trick is just figuring out what will work with your ailment.
Treatment Options Although there are a number of medications, both prescription and over the counter, that can help with allergy symptoms, some of these will just cause other issues that make it difficult for you to sing like drying out the throat, so you might have to experiment a bit and see if any of them work for you.
Your physician or even other singers might be able to recommend some suggestions that might work out.
Proper training on improving voice quality and breathing techniques can also be useful since in some cases these can help you work around the problems that you are experiencing.
Speak with your voice instructor to get some ideas on what might be helpful for you to try.
The Home Allergy Remedy Your problems might also be helped by following some of the home remedies and tips that you can find on the Internet.
These include things like taking a steam bath or holding your head over a pot of steaming water vapor in order to loosen up the mucus that is clogging you up.
Other common suggestions include drinking herbal teas (with honey and/or lemon if your throat is sore), making sure to take in lots of fluids while avoiding caffeine, and getting plenty of vitamin C.
These are just a few options so do a little experimenting to see what works best for you.
Don't let your singing career go flat because of pollen.

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