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Understanding Mezzanine Flooring Can Be Difficult - Here Is Some Help

When designing a floor we always recommend using a reputable company. As designing a mezzanine floor is not overly complex but if not done correctly could result in injury or even death. Always therefore seek professional help.

You should really aim at around 5m of clearance for sufficient room when constructing a mezzanine floor. For more than one level, you should have the following clearances:

2 floors 7.7m
3 floors 10.4m
4 floors 13.1m of clearance.

To avoid overloading a floor you must consider the weight you put on it. There are 4 classes of application for a floor. The classes are as follows, office with a load design of 3.5kN/m2 or 350kg per square metre, light industrial 4.8kN/m2 or 480kg per metre square, medium industrial 7.2kN/m2 or 720kg per square metre, heavy industrial needs 9.6kN/m2 or 960kg per square metre.

Fire ratings depend on the size, location and use of a mezzanine floor within a building. A 1 hour fire rating may be required to the underside of the mezzanine floor. This is normally done by having a suspended ceiling hanging for the underside of the floor, and then fire rated column cases and fascias to the exposed parts of the mezzanine floor.

Moving goods that are too large to carry up and down stairs safely can be achieved by using a load gate if you have a fork life truck. Load gates permit an opening made in the safety railing but prevent the risk of falling off but still letting a pallet pass through. Wear plates are normally about 1.5m x 1.5m and extend over the edge. This would be advisable if the load gate is going to be heavily used to prevent excessive damage to the flooring surface. Also useful if the stairs are going be heavily used.

If you are having your floor installed in a building your already using, then start to plan on getting anything that is going to be under the floor space moved to allow good access for the installation team when they turn up. The team will install the floor a lot quicker if the area is open rather than trying to work around stuff. We all know this isn't always practical and so would need to discuss the implications of not being able to free the floor space with the designers.

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