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Atkins Diet - Can You Lose Weight Safely & Effectively With the Atkins Diet?

All About the Atkins Diet With the Atkins Diet there is no calorie counting, you can eat as much meat, eggs & cheese as you like & the initial weight loss results will be significant - 10 -30 pounds in the first month...
This diet plan allows you to eat as much protein as you like but severely limits foods containing carbohydrates such as pasta, bread and fruit.
How the Atkins Diet works During the first two weeks of the Atkins diet plan, you will be in the induction phase when you will be allowed to eat no more than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day but you can consume almost unlimited amounts of meats, poultry, seafood, eggs, cheeses, oils, butter, margarine, bacon, and sausages - the only carbohydrates you can have are low-carb vegetables, and even then they are very limited.
The second stage of the Atkins diet, known as ongoing weight loss, will let you have 25 grams every day.
You will then move on to pre-maintenance, in which you can try out other foods to see what carbohydrates you can add into your diet.
After you've reached your weight loss goals, you may eat all good carbohydrates, but the premise behind the diet plan is that you won't want to eat these foods and eating only healthy carbs will become a way of life.
Is the Atkins Diet Safe? Many people have called into question the safety of this diet due to its severe methods, and some say that the plan only makes you bounce back to your original weight as so as you hit the maintenance level.
Studies that have been published on the effectiveness of this diet plan versus a standard low-fat, low-calorie diet have in some cases shown reductions in LDL cholesterol (the "bad" cholesterol for the heart) and total cholesterol levels.
The key however, is to find something that works for you and your weight loss goals and that is healthy for your body but it is always important to discuss the benefits of the diet for you with your doctor.
In conclusion, by following the Atkins Diet you will possibly lose significant weight early in the program, but you could suffer from lack of energy as well as depression and other side effects however, there are many success stories of people reaching their target weights, keeping it off & enjoying the best health of their lives.

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