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The Abs Diet - Lose Belly Fat and Gain Six Pack Abs

An abs diet plan is one of the best ways of losing your belly fat and sculpting your abs.
David Zinczenko, in his book The New Abs Diet, claimed that, on average, a person following a six-week program can expect to lose around twenty-pounds of body fat.
Furthermore, a man can expect to gain four to six pounds of lean muscle and a woman around half that amount.
An abs diet is not a starvation diet like many other diet programs, but is a balanced program of six small meals a day, based around certain powerfoods, combined with a regular workout routine.
For both men and women, an abs diet will result in a loss of body fat, an increase in lean muscle, toning of the abdominals, and a general firming of the body.
But why would we want to gain muscle if our main aim is to lose weight? The answer to this is simple: if we add one pound of lean muscle, our body will burn up to 50 more calories a day! Taking six small meals a day, rather than three large meals, will ensure that your metabolism is kept up and the dieter will not feel hungry.
Many people say that an abs diet feels like a diet that they want to keep up with, rather than a diet that they feel they have to keep up with.
And don't believe anyone who tells you that the secret of gaining a six pack of abs is to undertake a thousand crunches a day.
Crunches, alone, will not result in sufficient fat loss, and they do not target all of the abdominal muscles.
To lose that belly fat and properly tone those abdominals, a full and varied workout routine is required.
Having strong, sculpted abs will not only make you feel great, but will improve core stability, help with sports and exercise, and help to prevent lower back injuries.
So what are you waiting for? The only thing you have to lose is your belly fat!

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