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Birthday Party Themes for Teens in the Summer

    Beach Party

    • The beach is a favorite hangout location for teens, and a beach-themed birthday party can be thrown on location at a local beach or by a backyard pool with beach accessories. Decorate with beach balls, inflatable pool toys, plastic pails, shovels and umbrellas. Designate a sandy area where you can place a volleyball net, or put the net over a section of the pool. If the party is in a backyard, a sandbox can make a good place to build sand castles. Light food and soft drinks are best for hot weather and swimming. Keep plenty of water available so everyone stays hydrated. Sunglasses and waterproof sunscreen make functional party favors. Classic water games, such as Marco Polo, will be a good way to have fun while staying cool. Hold Olympic-style contests for speed swimming and diving. A panel of judges can hold up number cards to score the competitors.

    Luau Party

    • An afternoon luau is another way for teens to celebrate a birthday. Provide lais and hula skirts as party favors for the guests. Decorate the party area with tiki torches, palm trees and surfboards. Bouquets of fresh or faux tropical hibiscus flowers make colorful table centerpieces. Serve tropical fruits, such as mango, pineapple and kiwi for snacks and a pig roast as the traditional main course. Fruit punch and water are good beverage choices. Several cakes shaped like the Hawaiian islands can be decorated with flowers and small beach toys. Fun and games should include a limbo stick contest and hula dancing instruction.

    Camping Party

    • Escape the heat and head up north for a camping birthday party. The birthday teen should invite a few friends for the trip and ask that they bring tents and sleeping bags. Party food can be prepared on the grill or over the campfire. A s'mores birthday cake can be prepared on site, using layers of yellow cake, graham crackers, marshmallow topping and melted chocolate. Enjoy outdoor activities, such as fishing, hiking and stargazing. Bring a guitar for the teens to play around the campfire before the sun sets and scary storytelling begins.

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