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What is a blog?

A blog is a shortened version of "Web log". Blogs are essentially sites on the Web that may cover news and events, the interests, hobbies or business of the person writing the blog or virtually any subject. It may help to understand what a blog is by thinking of a blog as an online journal.

Why Blogs are Popular

Most blogs allow readers to comment on a story contained in the blog, thus blogs have become vastly popular with visitors.

Instead of traditional websites, which provided plenty of information but no way for users to interact or provide their own opinion, the commenting feature in a blog makes it interactive.

Blogs can act as websites on their own. Because of enhanced features in blogs and available free blog templates, a blog can be set up with various categories, just as a website would be organized. However, most people find maintaining a blog and adding content to it much easier than trying to maintain a full-blown website.

A blog can be hosted on its own domain - just like a website - or it can be hosted through a free blog hosting service, such as WordPress or Google's Blogger.

Using a Blog with a Business

A blog can also be an effective and inexpensive way to market a business, large or small, through blog marketing. Marketing a business with a blog may mean not only posting new, fresh content on the business' own blog, but posting comments on other blogs where the business' customers may frequent and linking back to the website or blog for the business.

In this way, a blog can not only bring increased traffic to a company's blog or site, it can help improve search engine rankings and can be an effective search engine optimization tool. Finally, a blog can be a business in itself by earning revenues with advertising programs, like Google AdSense, affiliates or both.

Pronunciation: blahg

Also Known As: Web log, Weblog

Examples: A blog is a versatile and easy-to-use means of online communication. A blog may be used to promote a business, to create a business of its own, or to share personal experiences with others for non-commercial purposes.

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