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Car Donation to Help the Environment

When you donate a car or other type of vehicle, you are not only supporting a worthy cause, you're also helping out the environment. It's time to start thinking about if driving a car every day of your life is really worth while?

The average American spends about 1,600 hours a year either driving, or doing something automotive-related. Paying for gas, maintenance, parking, tickets, insurance and other expenses end up costing drivers a lot of money as well as time. As well, drivers produce on average, approximately 300 pounds of carbon dioxide for a 15 gallon tank of gasoline, driven regularly. This carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, and as of now, drivers are contributing to be the largest source of atmospheric polluters.

With the topic of the environment heating up every day, vehicle donation might be a good social and environmentally responsible thing to do. Some people place all of their faith in hybrids or other efficient technologies, but the fact of the matter is that these types of vehicles still pollute, just not as much. This is a temporary solution. The most effective thing a driver can do at the moment to help the environment is to consider giving up driving altogether.

But is it possible to live without a car in today's day and age? Absolutely. Given that there are certain sacrifices to be made from moving away from using an automobile, it can be quite rewarding to know that you are in fact making a difference.

Start thinking about using public transportation more often. Trains, subway, buses, or even carpooling are good alternatives to being a personal daily driver. If you live in a place with easily accessible public transportation, start using it! Find out what potential routes to take to make your trips as fast as possible, and do a cost comparison of operating your car, or taking an alternate means of getting around. You might find the savings to be bigger than you think.

Perhaps a life changing decision like donating your car and moving away from daily driving seems a little far-fetched to you at the moment. However, as time goes by, helping the environment might become more and more important to you. Just keep these suggestions in mind for the future.

The next time you move, consider factors that would make getting rid of your car and donating it to charity a bit easier. Make sure that wherever you move, you are nearby to public transportation or at least close by to places you often frequent such as where you work or shop. Being able to walk to all of these places is not only great for the environment, it will help keep you healthy!

For those times when walking just won't cut it, try biking, or perhaps even taking a taxi. Maybe even borrow or rent a car just for the day.

Every tiny thing you do to move away from being a daily driver will help the environment. Just recall that if decide to make the decision to get rid of your car for good, think about donating it to charity to make an even larger impact.

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