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Turtle Trap Directions

    • 1). Buy a wire cage from a hardware or feed store and install the door stopper just inside the lid, so that the flap can be pushed open from the outside, but not from the inside. A dog crate with a similar door flap construction can also be used. Make sure the door and the container are big enough to hold the size of turtles you're seeking to capture.

    • 2). Place bait in the trap. Any type of meat (the smellier the better) should work, but chicken necks are popular because they are cheap. You can tie the bait to the wire, but it's not absolutely necessary. Usually the bait will stay in place and not float out of the trap.

    • 3). Place the trap in an area where it is half in and half out of the pond. A good bit of it needs to be submerged, but the turtles that are trapped will need a place to get out of the water if necessary. If not, they could drown.

    • 4). Wait for your turtles to smell the bait and find it. If you've constructed and placed the trap correctly, they should be able to crawl in, but not back out. Check the trap daily and remove any turtles that you wish to permanently relocate to a secure spot in your yard or house. A cooler works well, but keep the lid open. They can't go for more than a day without food and water, so don't hold onto them too long.

    • 5). Drive the turtles to an area where there is water and food. A wooded river or lake area usually works just fine. Release the turtles near the water.

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