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How to Qualify for Section 8 Housing in Tucson

    • 1). Contact the City of Tucson's Housing and Community Development Department. You can reach them at 520-791-4171. As of October 2010, the wait list for Tucson's Section 8 program is closed, meaning the program is not accepting new applications.

    • 2). Prepare for the eventual reopening of Tucson's Section 8 wait list. Have documents ready to verify your family size and composition. Tucson's Housing and Community Development Department will likely require birth certificates or Social Security numbers for all people who will live in your household if you receive a Section 8 voucher.

    • 3). Verify that your family does not make too much money to qualify for the Section 8 program. HUD caps eligibility at 50 percent of an area's median income. Based on 2010 data, your combined household income cannot exceed $26,550 for a three-person household.

    • 4). Locate rentals with landlords who accept Section 8 renters when your name comes up and Tucson's Housing and Community Development Department confirms your eligibility and provides you with your Section 8 voucher. You can search listings at the Go Section 8 website (see Resources) or through traditional online and offline apartment listing sources. Apply for a unit or units you think are a good fit.

    • 5). Sign a one-year lease with your landlord after Tucson's Housing and Community Development Department approves the unit. It must meet HUD's quality standards to gain acceptance into the Section 8 program. You must abide by the terms of your lease and the agreement you sign with HUD, which includes paying your share of the rent on time. If you don't, your landlord has the right to sanctions, including eviction, as long as he acts in accordance with applicable laws.

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