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Cool Poster Board Projects

    Oversized Birthday Card

    • Say happy birthday to a friend or loved one in a big way by creating a birthday card from poster board. Purchase a piece of trifold poster board in the birthday celebrant's favorite color. Blow up an image of the honoree and place it in the center portion of the poster board. Print "Happy Birthday" under the photo. Draw images of balloons around the board with brightly colored markers and further embellish them with glitter glow or sequins. Add any other decoration you think the birthday boy or girl would like. Pass the poster board around to friends and family members and ask them to write their well wishes on it.

    Family Tree

    • Display your family tree on a piece of poster board for a child's school project or just to teach your child about his family history. On a piece of blue poster board, draw an image of a tree with bare branches. Gather photos of family members -- grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins -- whomever you can find or think is necessary to include in your family tree. Attach the photos on the branches of the tree in the appropriate spots, starting with the oldest members of the family on top of the tree and progressing to the youngest family members on the bottom of the tree. Print the name of each individual under his or her picture, as well as the person's relation to your child.

    Interactive Story Board

    • Turn a piece of poster board into an interactive story board that you can use with children. For instance, to create a story board for "Five Little Monkeys," print out an image of a bed from clip art, cut it out and glue it to any color poster board you like. On top of the bed, place five pieces of hook and loop fastener. Also from clip art, print out five monkey images, cut them out and laminate them for durability. Place a piece of hook and loop fastener on the back of each monkey and stick them onto the pieces of fastener on the bed. As you tell the story, remove the monkeys with each verse. Kids can also use the board to retell the story after they've heard it, allowing them to exhibit their comprehension skills. This poster board idea can be modified for use with a variety of stories, such as "The Gingerbread Man," "The Mitten" or even, "Goodnight Moon."

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