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How to Write Persuasive Copy Without the Hype

Learning how to write persuasive sales copy without making the reader feel like they have just been mugged is a lesson in psychology.
Often times a copywriter will sit down with the sole intention of battling the readers will by hustling them into a buying decision.
This can often lead to buyers remorse and a feeling of ill will towards the business the sales copy was representing.
When marketing on the internet your reputation is more important than one fast sale therefore measures should be taken to avoid giving buyers this feeling.
Here is a 7 step process a copywriter can follow to help comfortably 'ease' people into their buying decisions without making them feel brutalized or bitter.
Focus on Reader (for a change) Center your focus on the reader not your products or yourself since this will make you seem less than sincere.
People visit you site because they are answering some sort of ad therefore you already know what it is they may be looking for and why.
Focus on these areas to capture the visitors' attention.
Start with Great Headline (draw them in) You want to 'catch' their eye and you also want your headline to be relevant to the sales copy found within.
The best approach for a copywriter here is to place some type of 'emotional trigger' in the headline to get people to read more.
This can be done without 'hyping' what it is you may be promoting.
Try focusing on the problem they have and the solution you offer.
Make Your Point (quickly) Without 'slamming' any visitors' in the face with promotional pitches, quickly let people know what it is your product can do for them.
This is what it is all about; people are not concerned with you or your business but only with their own situation.
This is why they are searching online, for a solution to their problem.
Therefore it makes more sense to speak about them and their problem not you and your products! Harness the Hype (stick to the facts) Speak in a more 'matter of fact' manner and minimize the use of flamboyant wording in your sales copy since this tends to make people put their 'guard' up.
People relate much better to facts than hype since sales pitching tends to drive readers' away.
'Feel Their Pain' (empathize with them) Empathize with readers about their dilemma, discomfort or frustrations and let them know you can relate to their situation.
You should know what it is since you are offering a solution for it with the product or service you are promoting.
Once people feel you understand them you then have their attention.
Remember, it is all about them! Keep it Brief (enough of the 7 page sales scripts) Both your sentences and paragraphs should be brief.
Firstly you do not want to lose the readers interest by taking for ever to get to the point.
Secondly you do not want to 'intimidate them with large blocks of text.
The solution to both of these potential problems is to keep it short and simple.
Call to Action (suggest your solution) When you present to people how your product can help them, remind them that all they have to do is take action now.
Encourage them to consider how fast their problems may go away by simply taking the necessary action.
Make it a point to 'remind' your reader of this throughout the body of your sales copy.
Place these reminders at the beginning, middle and end of your copy! When you learn how to write persuasive sales copy instead of a pushy high pressured pitch you will minimize buyers remorse.
This will result in fewer returns and more satisfied customers who will better appreciate the manner in which they were sold.
This helps make for a more credible business reputation which is very important when marketing on the internet.
So if a better reputation and more repeat sales or something that is of interest to you, you may want to consider giving this approach a try.

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