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Using Self Storage to Store Your Boat in Tennessee

Many people don't think of self storage as a good option for truly large items, but using self storage to store your boat in Tennessee is a great option if you'd like to keep your boat safe and secure somewhere away from your home. Self storage is a popular, flexible and cost-effective method of storing things away from our homes and offices so why not a boat?

Using self storage to store your boat is a clever way to finally have room for that boat you've always wanted, or the one that's been taking up valuable space in your yard or garage for years. Your neighborhood may not even allow you to have a boat parked anywhere visible from the street. This can pose problems for people short on space.

Many people only think of self storage when they think about moving, and need a place to store certain things during the transition, or if they need a place to temporarily store things. And sometimes people use self storage just to get clutter and stored items out of their house while they decide what to do with them.

But self storage can be used for large items that we might not really have that much room for in our yards or garages. People store not just boats, but motor homes, recreational vehicles, trailers and motorcycles. People even park cars in self storage units these days.

Self storage is wonderful because you can access your stored items, whether a boat, a huge room full of furniture or a smaller room full of boxes or whatever you want to store, at any time the facility is open. You don't need to let anyone know what you're taking out, what you're putting in, or any personal and private details like this (though you may have to sign into the facility for security purposes).

Using self storage to store your boat in Tennessee may even be a more secure storage option than keeping it on your own property. Most self storage facilities (especially those that have enough room for and allow items like cars, RVs and boats) have general security systems and procedures in place to further protect your stored items.

You'll want to find a self storage facility that has special units for vehicles and boats that are covered if they don't actually have storage space much like their regular indoor storage but larger for these items. Some self storage facilities cater to customers who want to store large items like boats in Tennessee and offer boat-related services like cleaning and storage preparation for additional fees.

If you're thinking about using self storage to store your boat in Tennessee, you'll want to make sure the boat is properly prepared for storage. If you're not sure how to do this, it's well worth it to pay the extra to the storage facility, or someone who's familiar with how to care for a boat, to prepare your boat for storage.

You'll need to do basic mechanical things like tightening anything that might be loose, lubricating the moving parts, flushing the fuel line and the cooling system, and making sure that all water is drained from the engine. New oil and filters as well as a good cleaning are essential, too.

And if you're using self storage to store your boat in Tennessee, don't forget to take extra items off the boat before storing, like life preservers, anything electronic, fire extinguishers or anything you don't want subjected to extremes in weather or that you might use elsewhere. Especially if the storage is outside, be sure to tarp the boat.

You might find self storage options for storing your boat in Tennessee that allow you to store the boat inside. These might be the more expensive options, but they probably offer extra security, and your boat is protected from the elements. As long as you properly prepare the boat and remove all possible sources of moisture from the mechanical parts, indoor storage is ideal.

But you might choose to opt for facilities that offer outdoor storage. These are a more cost-effective self storage option, and the facility probably will have enough security measures in place to protect even those items like cars, RVs and boats that are stored outside. Just make sure you properly prepare, dry, and cover your boat, and check carefully to make sure your storage spot is well-covered, and you can save a little money while using self storage to store your boat in Tennessee.

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