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Will the Tea Party Fail Their First Test?

The tea party movement is a catalyst missing a playbook to govern; however, even lacking form this movement was more than successful in the 2010 congressional elections.
If you don't believe their power just ask the Democratic and Republican road kill left in their wake.
Now, the tea party's first major test will be to influence legislation.
Are they on schedule for success or failure? Congressional elections are held on voters' home turf.
Former speaker Tip O'Neill famously quoted that all congressional elections are local.
This year's election centered on finding a champion to halt the legislative garbage being written in Congress.
Home field for Congress is the venue where they win 90% of the time.
With the new Congress still in the dressing room, the Republican leadership old hogs have placed a prized tea party mascot at the front of the line to be slaughtered.
They want to send a message to the home folks to get out of Washington's legislative business until it's time to vote in 2012.
Earmarks, (a congressional wheeler dealer's most prized trophy) will be the tea party's first target for influencing government sausage making.
They will fail! Earmarks must be included in every piece of legislation.
The Republican leadership, whose embrace of the tea party was tepid at best, can now remove them.
No longer must they suffer eating and drinking with the serfs.
They are home in their castle - Washington DC.
The tea party serfs and their ideas are not welcome! Not even the losing progressives will vote to ban earmarks.
They could join with the new tea party elected members.
After all they only lost an election not their Washington pork mentality.
Earmarks are the nuclear waste of legislation.
They are a boondoggle in the making and cannot afford the luxury of standard legislative procedures.
Just like nuclear waste an earmark lasts for decades.
The Big Dig in Boston, a Ted Kennedy concoction, is the perfect example.
Only one thing stops it from being a certified earmark; it isn't called the Teddy Tunnel.
To be certified an earmark must be named after its primary sponsor.
Will the tea party retreat and hibernate for two years? Or will they roll up their sleeves and punch back the porkers? Stay tuned as your grandchildren's financial future is being decided.
Prepare for the worst! Pray for better!

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