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Tools for Microsoft Outlook Repair

Microsoft Outlook is a very convenient and efficient email program for communication.
This is very useful for business as well as personal use.
The enhanced features that enable multiple users to have common inbox ease in scheduling meetings, calendars, notes and journals make Outlook the preferred email client over Outlook Express.
Outlook uses.
pst files (Personal Storage Files) to store the information that you create using Outlook.
However, Outlook is also known for its vulnerability in losing data.
It can easily get corrupt while compacting, if used over networks, or due to the file size limit of.
pst files.
pst folders and corruption of the file header can also make your data inaccessible.
In order to access these data you need to repair the corrupt or damaged.
pst files in Outlook.
For this you can either use the inbox repair tool (scanpst.
exe) or email recovery software.
The advantage of using inbox repair tool is that it is a preloaded free utility from Microsoft and it is ready to use.
Using email recovery software will cost you money, time and sometimes even your data if the software is not effective.
Outlook Repair using Scanpst.
Inbox repair tool or scanpst.
exe is a single executable file stored in 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033'.
If you are unable to locate this you can even download this from the internet and copy it to the folder mentioned above.
Exit Outlook before you run the program.
The main disadvantage with Outlook repair tool is that it is not very efficient in repairing corrupt and damaged.
pst files.
Outlook repair using email recovery tool If scanpst.
exe is not able to repair damaged or corrupt.
pst files, the other option you have is to use email recovery software.
Using email recovery tool is easy to use.
The capability of the software varies from product to product.
You can evaluate the capability of the product by using the trial version.
Using an email retrieval software
  1. Install email recovery software to a healthy drive and not to the drive from which you have lost data.
  2. Attach the drive from which you have lost data to the healthy drive as a secondary drive
  3. Run email recovery software to recover and repair.
    pst files
  4. Save the recovered.
    pst files to the healthy drive.
While selecting the software, make sure that the software does not require any installation on corrupt or damaged.
pst files and can recover damaged or lost.
pst files by reading the data.

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