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4 Tips For Girls Trying to Get Their Ex-Boyfriends Back

Ladies, being dumped sucks...
especially when he drops the bomb out of nowhere, when things seemed like they were going so well.
There are a lot of reasons why he may have done this, but I'm not going to get into that right now.
What I am going to do is try to give you a helping hand here with some tips and advice for things you can do to pull yourself back up and get back on the horse, so to speak.
These things can help a lot in getting over the pain and loneliness, as well as improving your chances of getting him back.
Take a clean break from him.
That means no contact unless your situation absolutely demands it...
like if you work together or are lab partners in a class.
This separation can actually heal a lot of the damage the fiery breakup did, by giving you both some time to recuperate and start to miss each other without having the other person in your face reminding you of the petty things that tick you off.
Take this time and make it all about yourself.
I don't mean the self-indulgent pity-parties that infest your textbook romantic-comedy movies...
I mean the second part of those movies, where the woman gets up and goes out with her friends to have a great time in spite of her ex-boyfriend and the things he did to her heart.
Go out and party, even if you don't feel like it.
You'd be amazed at how much just clearing your head can help you get past the roughest part of this whole thing...
losing yourself in a good time for a little while is a great way to pull yourself back together and get ready to deal with getting him back, but make sure you don't get too wild and act irresponsible.
Drinking too much won't solve any of your problems, and in fact it'll probably add to them...
so make sure your fun is healthy fun, just having a good time with your friends.
For free advice and information on how to actually go about getting him back once you've gotten to your feet again, check out the site below for a load of valuable tips and even some videos!

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