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Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids - How to Deal With One of the Worst Hemorrhoids

Thrombosed? This word is hard to pronounce and spell.
What is it? It is one of the worst hemorrhoid conditions, and it is the condition that we all should avoid.
The pain that a Thrombosed hemorrhoids sufferer will experience is simply unbearable.
If you reach this advanced stage of hemorrhoids, you have nobody to blame but yourself.
Thrombosed external hemorrhoids are preventable.
If you do something about it in the beginning, you will never be in this condition.
You get Thrombosed external hemorrhoids when the blood in that area becomes static.
It just sits still in the swollen hemorrhoid pocket and forms a blood clot.
If you don't do something about it soon enough, little by little this blood clot gets bigger and becomes hardened.
Its color turns bluish and ugly.
This is an obvious sign that there is a problem with blood circulation.
In some cases, these blood clots just disappear all by themselves, leaving a piece of skin where the clots used to be.
Causing no pain, this piece of skin is called a tag.
It is a reminder that you once had Thrombosed external hemorrhoids, but it will bring you no discomfort.
If your blood clots disappear without any treatment, you are lucky.
But in most cases, they don't disappear but get worse day by day, and eventually the pain becomes intolerable.
The treatment for Thrombosed external hemorrhoids is similar to other external hemorrhoids but it will take an immensely stronger dose of ointment.
If this doesn't work, the other option that you might consider is surgery.
However, Thrombosed external hemorrhoids can be avoided.
Use natural treatment to deal with your hemorrhoids before it reaches this level of severity.
The sooner the better.

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