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Article Marketing - Can You Handle the Truth?

Can you handle the truth about article marketing? Well, for years, I couldn't.
People had been trying to convince me for years to try article marketing as a way to generate free website traffic.
But I was smart (or so I thought), I resisted.
I always seemed to put  'Article Marketing' in the 'too hard basket', let someone else go to all that hard work.
Boy, was I wrong! I might just as well have said  "let someone else get all that free website traffic".
I finally overcame my fears about article marketing a few short months ago.
I just 'dipped my toe into the water', I started with a few short and informative articles to see what would happen.
I was amazed at the results,to say the least.
After writing about twenty articles on my subject, I started to see,not only the results of free web traffic, but some interesting statistics with my articles as well.
It seemed that for every one hundred people that would read my articles, then about eight to ten percent of those people would also visit my website.
These statistics have remained fairly consistent and although some articles have  produced higher results than others, there is a definite pattern to the results.
These days, this is the only type of marketing I do to promote my websites and the results just continue to get better.
Not only that, but my websites have also started to appear on the number one search engine pages of quite a few of the major search engines.
Article marketing has certainly proved its worth in more ways than one.

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