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Are You Choosing the Right Travel Insurance?

If you are going on vacation or travelling for any other purpose you may need to arrange for some travel insurance.
This may be a daunting process but if you educate yourself you can make sure you choose the right cover.
Overview: Policy types
  • Emergency medical and dental cover - This is the most common type of cover and is usually inexpensive.
    It generally excludes pre-existing conditions.
  • Emergency medical evacuation cover - This policy covers you for evacuation if you're sick or injured, usually via ambulance, boat or helicopter.
  • Baggage cover - Lost, damaged, delayed and kicks in after 24 hours; replacement of luggage and contents.
    Make an itemized list of what you pack to assist with any claims.
  • Trip cancellation or delays - Covers interruptions, delays and cancellations.
    There are sometimes very specific limitations on this policy.
Travel Insurance Considerations The most common type of travel insurance is trip cancellation (or interruption) insurance and emergency medical evacuation insurance.
However, medical and hospital coverage is starting to become increasingly popular.
It's also very important - medical bills are high at the best of times, but when you're in a strange country and not part of that nation's medical patients, they can be astronomical.
This is why this is such an important addition to any travel insurance policy.
Emergency Medical and Dental Insurance is usually a large coverage amount, with little or no deductibles.
It hardly ever covers pre-existing conditions.
However, sometimes you can pay for coverage on pre-existing conditions, and it may be worth your money to pay extra for your pre-existing condition.
Additional Services
  • ID Theft Protection
  • Medical Doctor Network
  • City Health Profiles
  • Pre-Existing Condition Waivers
If you are planning a sporting vacation such as skiing, tennis, or golf your equipment will probably be pretty expensive.
Check with your travel insurance company - many of them have riders or optional add-ons which will cover expensive sporting equipment.
In fact, you can even buy special golf insurance which not only covers your clubs, but have a wide ranges of perks including special tee times, travel to the golf course, concierge service, and more.
Be wary of exclusions.
The insurer usually has a list of specifics they will cover, so make sure you read the fine print on the policy.
For example, if your trip is interrupted by bad weather, but you travelled to a destination known for its abrupt weather changes, you may find out you're not covered for this.
Tip:Most travel insurance policies are intended to provide coverage for 30 days or less.
If you travel for longer than that you will need to pay an extra fee, and it's a good idea to take out a specific, longer term policy.
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