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How to Lose Belly Fat Rapidly

Let's face it, there is nothing more attractive than the look and feel of a tightly carved out midsection.
In most people's opinion, no other body part screams out sex appeal more than a great set of six pack abs.
The prestige and attention that one can achieve from having a tight and lean midsection has caused the marketing world to go "ab workout crazy".
Lately, the internet has been infiltrated with websites that sell countless abdominal training gimmicks and programs promising to help you develop six pack abs in record time.
With all of this "great information" readily available, you would suspect that millions of people would have been able to achieve a sexy stomach quite easily.
Yet, if you look around, you'll notice that this is obviously not the case.
In fact, the worldwide average waist size has just recently climbed to an all time high.
Why have these ab programs failed so miserably? The answer to this question is surprisingly simple.
These programs focus on outdated and ineffectual ab exercises! These exercises may work the abs, but they do little to burn actual body fat.
Fortunately, there are much more effective exercises that carve out a six pack while simultaneously melting off your belly fat.
The bottom line is that you will never achieve that sexy midsection until you lose your belly fat.
The good news is that this can be accomplished quickly and easily.
Let's discuss how to lose belly fat (the right way) and finally unveil the sexy six pack that hides underneath.
1) Engage in a full body resistance training routine.
When done properly, full body resistance training stimulates your metabolism like no other activity can.
This should be the cornerstone of your belly fat loss program.
This routine should only contain exercises that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously.
Some examples are: One Arm DB Split Snatch, Modified KB Turkish Get Up, Squat Press Combo, etc.
Unlike traditional ab exercises, these full body movements have a huge caloric cost.
In addition to burning a lot of calories during the workout, these exercises greatly increase your metabolism, which in turn forces your body to burn fat all day, even long after your workout has been completed.
2) Perform high intensity cardio workouts.
High intensity cardio burns significantly more calories than low intensity workouts per unit of time while simultaneously elevating your metabolism to a significant degree.
High intensity workouts not only give better fat loss results than low intensity workouts, they require significantly shorter durations as well.
In fact, you can get an incredibly effective fat loss effect in as little as ten minutes.
This is obviously a very time efficient way to train.
Some of my favorite exercises to use for these workouts are: sprinting, bodyweight jumps, rope jumping doubles, power wheel walks, etc.
3) Utilize ab exercises that work your entire body.
These exercises give you the most bang for your buck.
"Isolated" ab exercises do nothing to burn belly fat.
You simply can not reduce fat in one specific area by working the muscle underneath it.
On the other hand, complex ab exercises work your abs incredibly effectively while increasing your heart rate and burning a significant amount of calories.
This leads to a well defined midsection with less fat to cover it up.
Try to switch your traditional crunches to med ball slams or med ball explosive pikes and see the difference for yourself.
4) Practice proper nutrition.
Excess belly fat is often an indication of chronically high insulin levels.
The best diets to keep insulin levels in check are the ones that recommend avoiding sugars, flour products, saturated fats and processed foods.
Instead, your diet should consist of whole foods in their natural state such as: Vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts and seeds, legumes, whole grains, lean proteins.
Examples of lean proteins are fish, shellfish, eggs and egg whites, turkey and chicken breast and small amounts of no-fat dairy products.
Follow these simple steps and you will get your six pack in no time flat!

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