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The Chastity Lifestyle - Avoiding Temptation

Male chastity is a surprisingly popular choice for many men and women even in committed relationships.
This is not to be confused with celibacy which is a complete absence of sexual contact, and in my opinion generally indicates a big problem in the relationship (although I recognise there are exceptions, rare as they may be).
But the obvious question has to be, how do men and women avoid temptation? How does man avoid the temptation to "cheat" and have an orgasm when he's not supposed to (no device can prevent this with 100% effectiveness); and how do we women, in the heat of the moment stop ourselves from giving in and letting him have the orgasm he wants? Alas, there is no easy answer to this, and in my experience and the experience of the men and women I've helped in their pursuit of chastity, it's really a matter of practice.
We become good at anything by trying it, making mistakes, and then improving.
In other words, we become good at things by being bad at things and working to get better.
That said, here are three simple tips I've found useful in avoiding the temptations inherent in chastity:
  1. Remember he wants to orgasm...
    but he craves denial.
    Understanding this takes time and effort (and ultimately it might simply mean accepting it regardless of whether you understand it or not).
    Fact is, no matter how much he says he wants to orgasm, if you give in to temptation and don't enforce chastity, then I promise, he really won't thank you for it.
    Once the heat of the moment has gone, he'll be telling you he wishes you'd been stricter.
  2. Bear in mind this is for both of you.
    It seems like a lot of hard work keeping your man in chastity.
    And it is.
    So you're entitled to some payback in the form of his pleasing you without necessarily having tease and denial in return.
    That's what he wants, but he can't have his cake and eat it.
    He can't give you control on the one hand, and tell you how you should be doing it on the other.
  3. Understand it's just a game.
    Many men and women take the chastity game -- and themselves -- far too seriously.
    I've known women get angry when their men orgasm when they're not supposed to.
    That's just silly.
    It's meant to be a bit of fun.
    It's certainly not worth falling out about.
    So relax and enjoy it.
There's more to it than this, of course and if you want to learn more about it, I suggest you put in the time to find some good, solid resources on the topic.

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