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The Lobizon - Werewolf - A Creature Of Cryptozoology

In the western world, the werewolf has become quite a prominent figure. Although the existence of this mysterious creature is yet to be officially confirmed by science, a lot of people believe that they truly do exist. In Argentina, they have what they call the Lobizon.

However, its not just an Argentinean counterpart to the typical werewolf we see on TV whose image has become quite domesticated, so to speak. The Lobizon is the real deal as it terrorizes its victims in this South American country unlike anything youve probably heard of before.

While it still remains to be a werewolf adaptation, the Lobizon, or the El Lobizon as it is known in Argentina, is quite different in that it has had hundreds of sightings throughout the country. Unlike other mysterious creatures, the El Lobizon has been spotted not only in rural farm lands, but in populated places as well. Moreover, the Lobizon isnt like the common werewolf as we know it as not anyone can be turned into one by a single bite.

The belief is that it is only the seventh son of a family that can be transformed into this highly powerful creature. To further prove the belief of the Argentinean people on the El Lobizon, it is a fact to this day that the government requires sizable families to have their seventh sons baptized in order to avoid this curse. It is even the president himself that performs the baptism ritual.

Throughout Argentina, there are dozens, if not hundreds of eyewitness accounts that all claim to have seen the Lobizon in the flesh. In fact, there is even an individual from the northern region of the country who asserts, albeit rather unconvincingly, that he is an actual Lobizon.

Based on various sightings, the El Lobizon actually looks a lot like the werewolf that we know. Numerous drawings of the El Lobizon can easily accessed from almost any type of media, perhaps none easier than doing a quick internet image search. It has the same physical characteristics of a typical werewolf which includes the muscular physique, extraordinarily sharp teeth, extremely hairy body, and the elongated snout like that of a dog, among others.

While the El Lobizon continues to cause anxiety among the people of Argentina, it isnt as feared as other more gruesome monsters. The reason for this is probably because of the fact that the main victims of the El Lobizon still remains to be animals. It is said that the creature enjoys raw meat which is why it often feeds on farm animals such as chickens and cows. There are very few, if any, recorded reports that suggest that the El Lobizon has attacked and devoured a human prey.

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