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Working at Home - Don"t Lose Sleep Over It

Do you find yourself burning the candle at both ends when you are working at home? Working extra hours to get more done? While it seems logical, working too much can have the opposite effect of what we are trying to do.
The big problem is that it isn't always obvious.
Worked 2 hours past your regular bedtime last night? Did you really get an extra 2 hours worth of work done? Were you sharp? Doing good work? Or just zombied, pushing through.
How about the next morning? Feeling good? Ready to pounce on the day? Or tired.
Ready to get through it and go to bed early tonight.
Sometimes we have deadlines and doing some extra hours is necessary.
Especially if we haven't done enough planning ahead or put bite sized time chunks aside to get it done on time.
But as a regular working habit, is pushing ourselves beyond our limits really productive? Or do we get used to living in a fog and wondering why we can't seem to get anywhere? WHAT TO DO? If you've got a lot on your plate, there is one place to start.
It is the obvious place, but to most people, it's the one least likely to be considered.
That would be the source.
You of course.
As Stephen Covey says, "sharpen the saw".
Stay in tip top health and you will find that you can work faster, smarter and longer.
Yes it does take some time, but the benefits are huge, not only in getting more from your day, but from living more quality years to get more work done! Here are a few things that you should be doing if you want to squeeze every bit of yourself into your life...
and work.
Exercise: get that blood pumping to carry oxygen and nutrients to all of your vital organs.
Eat properly: number one tip...
start drinking green smoothies.
Up the green and frequency with time and you will be amazed at your renewed vigour and good health.
Get outside: taking a 10 - 20 minute walk daily cleans those cobwebs like almost nothing else.
You will almost always come back with a fresh idea or two to boot.
Have an afternoon nap: I do this almost every day.
It doubles my productive time because I don't get the evening slump that used to render me useless as soon as the supper dishes were done, if not before.
Be sure to get some YOU time: it's not so hard as we all make it.
It can be a 20 minute soak in the tub with some candles around and a good book.
It can even be your walk or a habit of going to bed 10 minutes early to read or journal.
Be creative and take some time.
Quick Tip: Stop what you're doing and take a deep breath in.
Let a long breath out.
Do this a few times, breathing in your surroundings and being thankful for all that you have to be thankful for.
Do this once or twice a day and see what happens.
These are time honoured tips that you have probably heard before.
For good reason.
Give yourself a week or two to give them a good try and see what you think.
Along with taking care of yourself first, proper scheduling, good working habits and the right mindset is also important to avoid feeling the need to consistently be working too hard, for too long.
Do those things and you will find yourself happy to start sleeping in your bed again, instead of at the keyboard.

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