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Virtual Reality Golf Games

According to common belief, golf is a rich man's game, but not anymore.
Anyone can play it, and virtual reality lets you do so without even leaving your home.
Even for those of you who have never been ardent golf fans, these games might prove to be quite addictive.
Virtual golf games have an amazing level of detail.
It's been proven that people who play these games turn out to be better players and quick learners in comparison to your average player, even if they have never played the game before.
These games are also associated with high levels of reality and accuracy.
In addition, they also come with costly golf simulation machines which can easily track the trajectory of the ball.
Computers recreate the elements of the game of golf very well.
More than muscle movement, golf lays stress on visualization skills.
Virtual golf games help you with accurate simulations; they aid you in visualizing the shots if you?re playing a real game.
Realistic ball physics are a great requirement for simulation golf, and so is accuracy in environment and course.
The two great games that have developed this are Links and Electronic Art's Tiger Woods franchise.
Real golf courses are mapped out with GPS data and intricate site details.
Even the subtle land elevations are accurate inch by inch.
There's a game called the Full Swing Simulator, which is a customized version of Links that allows you to hit actual golf balls with clubs onto a nylon screen.
Once the ball hits the screen, a video image is created which follows the ball?s trail, which is measured by floor and wall sensors.
It's like reality rather than a game.
Of course, nothing can beat the real thing, but this is the ultimate virtual golf experience.
It is a naturally blended fusion of both reality and artificial reality.

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