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Magical Properties of Flowers


    • Sunflowers are for those seeking fame and fortuneImage by Flickr.com, courtesy of Zaqqy

      Saturday is ruled by the planet Saturn and the flowers associated with it are the pansy, mullein and the morning glory. Pansies are cheerful little flowers, but are also said to provide protection. They can be added to charm bags or worked into other magics involving protection. Mullein or Verbascum is also a protective flower, especially the leaves, which are said to keep you from harm. Morning glories are mostly used in binding magic and banishing spells.


    Monday and Tuesday

    • Lavender is a flower of transformationImage by Flickr.com, courtesy of Fred

      Monday is ruled by the Moon and its flowers are bluebells, jasmine and gardenia. Bluebells symbolize "constancy" and can be added to charm bags or magics involving love. Jasmine is said to help with dream remembrance and gardenia flowers are used to enhance love magic.
      Tuesday's planet is Mars and its flowers are the thistle and snapdragon, both used in protection magic. The thistle is a wildflower and it's said if you have thistles growing wild on your property, they will bring good luck and protection from thieves. These flowers are used to release negative energy from around you. The snapdragon is also a protective flower, repelling those trying to manipulate you.

    Wednesday and Thursday

    • Violets absorb negativityImage by Flickr.com, courtesy of lost in translation) (Gordana Adamovic-Mladenovic

      Wednesday's planet is Mercury, the planet of communication. The flowers for this day are lavender and lily of the valley. Lavender is a healing, soothing plant, but also a protective one. It is a flower of transformation. Lily of the valley is used to lift your spirits, invoke wisdom and happiness.
      Thursday's flowers are cinquefoil and honeysuckle, both ruled by Jupiter. The honeysuckle is used for prosperity, abundance and good luck. Cinquefoil is also used for magics involving prosperity, but it also has healing properties.


    • Friday is ruled by Venus and its flowers are the rose and violet. Rose petals are used, of course, in love magic, but they are also added to charm bags or spells to "get things moving." The violet is likewise used in love magic, and for easing anxiety and absorbing negative energy.

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