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How to Decorate a Kindergarten Door

    • 1). Decorate your door according to seasons. Use colorful construction paper and cut out designs that match the season. Snowflakes and snowmen are ideal for winter. Sunshine and swimming make good summer decorations. Hang brightly colored leaves on the door in autumn and flowers of all types for spring.

    • 2). Make stars out of cardboard for each of your students. Have them bring in a picture of themselves to place on the stars. Hang the stars on the door of your classroom so your students see themselves and their classmates when they enter the room.

    • 3). Ask students for ideas and get them to work together creating the decorations. You could decorate your door with a different student's favorite idea each week.

    • 4). Make a game of it. Hang brightly colored cartoon characters on the door each day. Each student will pick a character, and each day one of those characters will be the lucky character. The student who picks the character wins a prize for that day.

    • 5). Always do special holiday themes. Ask students to create a craft project of construction paper or cardboard that reminds them of the holiday and hang those decorations on the door.

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