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How to Photograph a Horse Rider

    • 1). Set up your tripod as close to the side of the ring that is facing the sun. Mount the camera on the tripod and rehearse panning or zooming prior to the rider entering the ring. Take practice shots as necessary.

    • 2). Fill each frame with the horse and rider. Since they are moving more often than not, set your shutter for the faster speeds. If you are using a tripod, keep your eye constantly in the window, ready to click the shutter when the subjects are in frame.

    • 3). Pan the camera while the rider is in motion. Look through the focus or at the display screen and move the camera gently and smoothly, keeping the horse and rider in frame. Click the shutter repeatedly to capture fast, specific movements.

    • 4). Move around the arena to get several different angles of the horse and rider. This may include moving around one section of the arena where you can get the horse in a variety of stances from cantering, to jumping, to standing still. Keep the sun focused on the horse and rider.

    • 5). Ask the rider to halt the horse following the ride. Shoot close-ups of the horse's head and neck and the upper body of your rider as a portrait photograph. Hold the viewfinder parallel to the horse's withers (top of the shoulder) to obtain the most correct perspective, or raise or lower the angle for more unusual images.

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