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Decorating My 5 Year Old Daughter"s Bedroom

Have you ever had the experience of decorating a 5 year old girls bedroom? Well I have and believe me it was a unforgettable experience containing tears, tantrums and the occasional laughs but as I said making it an unforgettable experience.
It started after we noticed some water damage to my daughters bedroom ceiling paper so we thought well while I had two weeks of work I would replace the paper and while I was at it repaper the rest of her bedroom.
Now I am not that bad when it comes to decorating and have done many a room over the years so that side of things was never going to be a problem.
But what became the big problem was that my daughter was 5 years old going on 15 years old and therefore wanted complete and utter design rights on the type of wallpaper and color that we would be using.
I was going to consult her anyway to have her input in to maybe creating a theme but I got a lot more than I bargained for.
The theme was discussed and it was decided that we would be looking at a Hanna Montana theme with wallpaper which we had seen which had a pretty purple butterfly pattern to it.
I decided that we only needed one feature wall of the Hanna Montana paper and the remaining walls would be white, but when I told my daughter about my plans the problems started as she didn't want a white room as pink was her favorite color, of course! After several arguments and some tantrums and tears and as you have probably guessed, she eventually persuaded me that pink was the right color to use.
So the room was finished in a pastel light pink which admittedly looked very nice and complimented the themed wallpaper.
The next dilemma came after my wife and daughter came home with some Hanna Montana stickers and some crystal jewels type things that they both told me that they were going to put all over my pink painted walls which I was livid.
I had just spent a week decorating the bedroom only for it to be vandalized by my wife and daughter.
This wasn't that last of it either as the following day my daughter decided that her bed didn't go any more and wanted a new cabin bed that she had seen in one of the furniture shops we had recently visited.
Now to be fair my daughters room isn't that roomy so the suggestion of a cabin bed wasn't a bad idea and so after getting some advice from the internet and looking for the right bed I eventually found one on line which my daughter loves as it is a princess themed cabin bed and looks great in her newly decorated room.
So after a several dilemmas the room looks great and I have one slightly spoiled but extremely happy daughter.

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