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How to Unfreeze Your iTouch

    • 1). Close the application that's running on the iTouch. Hold down the "Home" button on the face of the iTouch until the application closes. Release the button after ten seconds if the application does not shut down.

    • 2). Turn the iTouch off. Hold down the "Power" button located at the very top of the iTouch. Wait for the red "Power" slider to appear on the iTouch's screen. Use your hand to move the slider to the right. The device turns off. Hold down the "Power" button again until the iTouch turns on. The device will be unfrozen.

    • 3). Reset the iTouch. Hold down the "Home" and "Power" buttons simultaneously until the player turns off. Turn the player back on if it doesn't automatically reboot. The player is unfrozen.

    • 4). Charge the iTouch utilizing either an MP3 player/iPod charger or a computer. The device unfreezes if it begins to charge.

    • 5). Install the most recent iTunes software onto the computer. Connect the iTouch to the computer, and open the iTunes software. Click "File" in iTunes, and choose "Sync iPod" if the iTouch doesn't automatically sync with iTunes. The player unfreezes once it syncs with iTunes.

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