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Alcoholics and Addicts Have a Choice

Alcoholics and Addicts Have a Choice
Some Options
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Some of the Present, but Unappealing Choices

They can choose to continue the devastating self-destructive misery regularly following excessive use of alcohol and drugs, OR

They can choose to stand before a judge and continue facing alternatives of jail or diversionary treatment, OR

They can choose to spend thousands on revolving door treatment and rehab efforts, OR

They can choose to spend years in recovery meetings dumping and being dumped upon with personal shortcomings, confrontations, abuses, religious prejudices, and childhood fears, OR

They can choose to seek out pharmaceutical solutions which will balance their unbalanced brain issues, "lessen" their desire to abuse, or "suppress" their destructive cravings for a time, OR

They can choose to attend secular group and mutual therapeutic support groups, OR

The Solution of Relying on the Power of God

They can study, learn, and apply the solution that early AAs found and developed in Akron, Ohio in the 1930's--a solution based on ideas in the Bible and reliance on their Creator and personal love and service to other afflicted souls; explaining to them the effectiveness of God's help; and citing as authority the astonishing, documented 75% success rate achieved by the early AAs who really tried and went to any lengths to follow thoroughly the path of spiritual recovery.

The Pioneer A.A. Solution that Put Early A.A. on the Map and Gained the Support and Respect of Clergy and Physicians Alike

The problem today is that tens of millions of dollars are being poured into medical, psychiatric, psychological, and pharmaceutical research; into "relapse is OK" revolving treatment efforts; and into books, articles, and panels that distort, ignore, or condemn the simple contention of Dr. Bob that "Your Heavenly Father will never let you down!"

The first three AAs--Bill Wilson, Dr. Bob Smith, and Bill Dotson--all declared that they had been cured; that the credit belonged to God; and that God had shown them how to pass along to others their solution.

Not one of the three founding A.A. pioneers had a society, a group meeting, a basic text, a series of steps, a group of traditions, a state or national or international publishing house or office, or the professional help of either physicians or clergy--though all three proclaimed that they were their mere assistants. The founding pioneers turned to the Bible for guidance and to God for help. They received it, and never drank again.

What is Your Choice?

Dick B., When Early AAs Were Cured and Why

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