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The Challenges of Camping in a Teardrop Trailer


    • Teardrop trailers are not built to suit everyone. The interior of a teardrop trailer contains only enough space for the bed with little room for much else. Therefore, the maximum occupancy for this type of trailer is two people. Families who have children or anyone who wants to camp with several others would not find a teardrop trailer large enough to accommodate everyone. However, if you are an older couple whose chldren are grown, or a young couple just starting out, a teardrop trailer could be just the right size.


    • Because teardrop trailers are designed for towing behind smaller vehicles, they have very little space beyond what is necessary to house the bedroom and the kitchen. Therefore, there is little extra storage space. The bedroom area may have some storage compartments for items such as clothes and extra bedding and the kitchen can store your food and cookware. Anything else you need for your camping trip must fit in your vehicle or you cannot take it with you. For some, not having enough storage can be a big disadvantage.


    • The kitchen in a teardrop trailer is nestled into the smaller end of the trailer. When you need to use the kitchen, you raise the lid and your kitchen appliances appear. While you are protected overhead by the lid, the sides are open, leaving you to cook out in the elements. If the weather is poor, you must still cook outdoors. Depending on the severity of the weather, you may find that you cannot get out to cook at all.


    • When camping in warmer locations, teardrop trailers can get stuffy and hot because they do not have air-conditioning installed. Some owners are able to fashion air-conditioners that are modified to work in the small confines of a teardrop trailer. However, these modifications are not easy to do and can pose the hazard of poor ventilation, resulting in suffocation. If you do choose to modify an air-conditioner for use in a teardrop trailer, it is important to at least crack a window for proper ventilation.

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