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Getting Paid To Take Online Surveys

Making a living online means you need to be able to use multiple income sources to keep your head above water.
Internet Marketing is obviously the most popular method for making very good money online.
More and more IM professionals are turning to Paid Survey Sites for quick cash or to supplement their income when sales are low.
Here are some tips to help maximize the paid survey site experience: 1.
Do not expect to get rich.
Paid survey sites are great for supplementing ones income but are not intended to be a sole income source.
Set aside a quiet private place and time.
Remember, time is money, we do not want to be distracted while performing surveys and cause them to be all day events.
Surveys that require signing up for a trial membership are often the best paying.
Do not shy away from them.
Post a calendar by the computer and mark when your trials expire so you remember to cancel without being charged.
Try to set a regular schedule for doing your surveys.
I find it best to treat paid survey sites like a part time business.
Maybe decide to get up early and do a few or knock them out just before bed time.
If you remember to not set your expectations to high and look forward to making a few hundred to $1000-$1500 per month the experience can be very fun.
Surveys that offer prizes or products instead of cash can be just as financially rewarding if it is a product you would normally purchase.
Think about what that product would cost, the time going to and back from the store AND the gas it takes to go to the store.
With gas prices these days a single gallon of gas alone can be worth the time to take a product survey.

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