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How to Set Up a Frog & Turtle Terrarium

    • 1). Research the type of turtle and/or frog you own or intend to buy. If you plan to put the frog and turtle into the same terrarium, their natural habitats must be similar. For example, pair a turtle that spends most of its time in water with a frog that does the same. Or pair a frog that spends most of its time on land with a turtle that spends most of its time on land. Research this information online, in books or ask at your local pet store.

    • 2). Find terrarium plants of a tropical nature, such as African violets and begonias. Terrarium plants must be able thrive in open containers, meaning the container doesn't need to be sealed shut. An associate at your local plant store should be help you pick these out.

    • 3). Lay 1 or 2 inches of pebbles in the bottom of a 20 gallon, or larger, aquarium. Add 1 1/2 inches of prepackaged peat-lite mix. Water until moist, then plant.

    • 4). Place a flat rock on one side of the aquarium for the frog or turtle to lay on. Buy a spotlight lamp from your local pet store and direct the light onto the basking rock.

    • 5). Create a basking pond on the opposite end of the aquarium away from the basking rock. Buy a plastic pond from your local pet store and plant it into the dirt, so that the peat-lite mix is level with the pond.

    • 6). Equip the tank with a heater and fluorescent light. Place a wire mesh lid on the aquarium.

    • 7). Place the terrarium near a window, but out of direct sunlight. The fluorescent light provides all the light your plants need. Monitor closely to make sure the plants get enough water and not too much light.

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