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Binaural Beats Frequencies For Brainwave Entrainment

Binaural beats frequencies are thought to affect brain functions besides those related to hearing.
The phenomenon occurs through the frequency following response effect.
The theory is as follows: when one experiences a brainwave stimulus that falls within the normal frequency range of brainwaves your brain wave frequency is likely to move into alignment with the stimulus frequency.
This process is called brainwave entrainment.
Additionally, binaural beats frequencies have been shown to activate various sites within the human brain.
The stimuli does not have to be auditory but can also be visual, although certain visual stimuli can cause epileptic seizures.
Human auditory perception is limited to a range of frequencies from 20Hz to 20,000Hz.
Additionally very low frequencies, below 20Hz, have been documented to have effects on people, although sounds in this range are not audible.
Since brainwave frequencies are normally below the 40Hz range binaural beats frequencies are often used to achieve the brainwave entrainment effect.
A binaural beat frequency can be established within the mind by introducing two separate sound frequencies, one into each ear, that have slightly different auditory frequencies.
The human brain will equalize these different tones within your mind to produce a third frequency otherwise known as a binaural beat frequency.
When the binaural beat frequency corresponds to a normal range of human brainwaves then brainwave entrainment occurs as the brain waves move into alignment with the binaural beat frequency.
For example, if you hear a tone at 400Hz in the left ear and a tone at 410Hz in the right ear your brain will create a binaural beat frequency at 10Hz.
The your brain will become entrained to this binaural beat frequency of 10Hz.
The effects of such binaural beats brainwave entrainment can be quite remarkable.
Since alpha brain wave frequencies are associated with relaxation you will tend to become relaxed if you listen to a binaural beat frequency in the alpha range.
Similarly, since beta brain waves indicate a more alert state of mind, you will tend to become more awake and alert if you entrain your mind to the beta frequencies.
There have been quite a few experiments where a wide variety of effects on mood, mental performance, stress, sleep and other aspects of the human experience have been directly affected through the use of binaural beats brainwave entrainment.
In fact, binaural beats brainwave entrainment has been used extensively to induce many different states of consciousness.
There is significant documented evidence that shows the beneficial effects of binaural beat frequencies with regard to relaxation, focus, attention, and other states of consciousness.
Studies have shown that repeated usage of brainwave entrainment technology allows the brain to more easily and reliably enter the desired state of mind.
Your dominant brainwave frequency determines your current mental state.
For example, if your brain is experiencing primarily alpha frequencies you are said to be in an alpha state and you will likely be relaxed but awake.
It is easier to move your brain to the desired frequency if you begin with a binaural beat frequency that is closer to your current state and gradually changing the frequency to the desired state.
So if you are alert then start in the beta frequency range and move to alpha to become relaxed.
Since many people find pure sine wave tones unpleasant, binaural beat frequencies are often masked with gentle music or nature sounds like falling rain or the crash of ocean waves.
As long as the binaural beat frequency is slightly audible in the background your brain will become entrained and your state of mind will change as desired.

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