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Adult ADD: Groove on Distractions

It's a recurring theme that we see, especially with people with ADD--"How can I change so that I can focus on one thing, so that I won't have any distractions?" People with ADD generally have lots of distractions, and they come from two different places--internal and external.
Internal distractions are caused by your own brain, and external distractions are caused by other people or outside influences.
But ADD or not, distractions are all around us all the time.
It's just a question of whether or not we notice them.
If you notice them, then you're off in a different direction.
If you don't notice them, that's fine.
But it's not so much a question of, "Can you eliminate all the distractions from your life?" That's a simple answer--no.
It's not a question of thatbecause right now, all around you, there are more distractions than you could ever have time to be distracted by.
Even if you are in full-on ADD distraction mode, you're still never going to be able to keep up with all of the possible distractions that are out there.
However, there is benefit to what we call distractions, especially for people with ADD, as learning to deal with them is just further training for your ADD mind.
One of the biggest things is that when you're calling yourself "distracted," give yourself a time limit.
Tell your brain how long a distraction can last.
At first, your ADD will take you all over the place, but set your brain to solving a problem and then let your brain go off in whatever random directions it wants to.
You may just go look at some website that has nothing to do with your problem, or maybe it has to do with your hobbies or whatever it is, and give yourself 25 minutes or an hour, just to mess around.
By the time you're done, your problem is solved because your sub-conscious was working to solve it.
Eventually, your brain starts making connections.
It's like when you go to bed at night and say, "Okay, I want to wake up tomorrow morning at seven A.
" You practice that for a few nights in a row, and soon, you start waking up five minutes before your alarm clock goes off.
Your brain just wakes you up and when you get your ADD brain to master this skill, what can happen is that you wake up and feel wide awake and alert as soon as you open your eyes, because your body and your brain are already prepared to be awake, rather than when your alarm goes off and you can just barely drag yourself out of bed.
But your ADD may take you in many directions, according to your own interests.
If you love for comic books, for instance, read through one.
They're nice and short and they're very visually appealing.
It doesn't require any thought to read them.
If you like movies, rent DVDs.
When the movie is over, your brain has had a complete rest session.
Or, maybe you enjoy video games.
Play them with a timer on.
But even better, go out for a run or do some other kind of physical activity to really get your blood pumping and get your circulation up and your ADD brain clear.
We're basically saying, "It's okay.
Distractions happen.
" In fact, all of us, ADD people or not, are so bombarded with distractions that they're inevitable.
It's not the distractions, it's really how you deal with them.
Train your mind to work for you even while you're distracted.

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