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The Right Way to Feed Your Fish

Many people love to keep fish as pets as they are easy to maintain and can be fed on commercially available fish food.
However, feeding a fish is not as easy as tossing the food into the tank.
There is a right way to feed your fish and if you follow the way, you will healthy fish.
Commercially available fish food is sold in tins.
When you open the tin, make sure your transfer the contents into an airtight container.
This food is very susceptible to moisture and can it can spoil the quality of the food.
The fish food is normally available as flakes or stakes.
Depending on the type of fish you have, you can purchase food that is meant for vegetarian fish, carnivorous fish or omnivorous fish.
Although the commercial fish food takes care of most of the nutrient requirements of a fish, you still need to give it supplements through other types of foods.
Find out what your fish eats and feed it accordingly.
Also, do not keep feeding your fish every time you pass the aquarium.
You may be surprised to learn that the right amount to feed the fish is just that much what they can gobble up and finish in five minutes.
Do not go by the labels on the tins.
Instead follow this 5-minute rule and you will be feeding the right quantity to your pets.
Obviously, to follow the 5-minute rule, you need to know when your fish are hungry enough to eat everything you put into the tank.
The best to way to figure out is by standing directly in front of the tank and putting in some food.
If the fish goes to the bottom of the tank to pick up the food that has floated down, then it is hungry enough.
However, some species of fish like rainbow fish do not go to the bottom.
After all the food in the tank is exhausted, you can add some more.
However, this time the quantity should be less than what you put in previously.
Check to see that the fish consume everything.
In this manner, your pets can be fed twice or thrice a day and not more than that.
If you own a big fish, then it may suffice to feed it just once a day.
Make sure that the tank has algae and other edible plants that the fish can eat when it is not being fed.

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