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Weight Training: The Right Approach for Maximum Muscle Gain

The body is called the mind's temple.
It is the dream of each and every man in this world to have that perfect body.
Big biceps, broad shoulders, slender six pack abs, long and strong powerful legs, have been the defining words for a perfect body.
To have this perfect body is simple if you follow strict diet and proper weight training.
Providing your body with the essential building blocks, through strict diet control and proper weight training time will guarantee you that voluptuous body.
Diet Diet plays a pivotal role in weight training.
Changes in your diet to match the weight training routines are very essential to build up those muscles fast.
You may consider the following guidelines when making alterations to your diet:
  • You will have to restrict the amount of sugar you intake, as well as the amount of fat in your food.
  • High-protein diet is very essential during power training as proteins are the building blocks of growing muscles.
  • A well-balanced meal one or two hours prior to your workout schedule will ensure that adequate amount of energy and amino acids are available in your bloodstream.
  • Protein shakes are usually consumed immediately after workout sessions along with glucose.
    These proteins and glucose will aid in the anabolic buildup of muscles when they are at rest.
Give rest to your muscles In weight training, resting your muscles is as important as training them.
It's during this resting period that your muscles utilise proteins and energy in your diet to grow.
The primary objective of a proper weight training schedule should be to, exercise a group of muscles for a week and then give them rest.
Make sure that you restrict your exercise routine to less than 90 min per day.
This is because, after 90 min you body begins to stress, resulting in the release of stress hormones.
Stress hormone is catabolic in nature, which means they will start breaking down muscles to provide energy for your body.
The process of building new muscle tissues and repairing the damaged ones starts when your body is at complete rest.
The above sentence will make you understand why it is very necessary to have proper sleep every day after weight training exercises.
Know your exercises Carry out proper research on all the types of exercises available.
Have an in-depth knowledge about which exercise has what affect on a particular muscle.
Below is a list of some of the best exercises for that given group of muscles.
  • Arms - barbell curls, dumbbell curls, triceps extension, preacher curls, skull crushers, close grip bench press.
  • Shoulders - shoulder press barbells, shoulder press dumbbells, lateral raise.
  • Chest - bench press incline with barbell, bench press decline with barbell, bench press with barbell, also perform these three exercises with dumbbells.
  • Back - dead lift, seated pulley rows, chin-ups, bends over rows.
  • Legs - front squats, back squats, leg press, lead".
  • Abdomen - all types of crunchers with weights.
Over the preceding articles, each of these exercises will be covered in great detail.
In all, the correct mixture of proper weight training and diet is essential to attain the physique of your dreams, in the shortest possible time.
Know your exercises, plan a proper diet and weight train regularly.
You will find that the secret of attaining that perfect body is no more a secret.
Happy weight training! Until the next article...
"Be Your Best"

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