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My Aggressive Puppy Won't Stop Biting

    Causes of Behavior

    • Understanding the causes of biting and aggression can help you eliminate certain factors that might encourage your puppy to bite. Being isolated, bullying by other dogs or people, physical discomfort and genetic problems can all result in puppies biting too much. In addition to these factors, some breeds, such as German Shepherds or Dobermans, may naturally feel like they need to protect their territory, resulting in aggressive behavior towards those who infringe on their space.

    Problems with Behavior

    • Many people do not mind being bitten by small animals, whose undeveloped teeth and gums provide a slight tickle when they bite. However, curbing this behavior is extremely important because it can cause long term problems for you and your dog. Dogs that exhibit aggressive behavior and biting can learn that these are appropriate ways to behave and they will keep these habits in later life. When dogs become bigger and stronger, their unchecked aggression can pose a great danger.

    Curbing Biting

    • You should establish yourself as your dog's master, but refrain from yelling or screaming at it. The puppy should recognize that it must heed to your wishes, but you don't need to become a dictator. You also want to socialize your dog at an early age, by taking it to dog parks and walks where it is around other people. This will prevent it from feeling isolated and teach it how to get along with people.

    Drastic Solutions

    • If your puppy continues to bite despite your efforts to curb the behavior, then you may want to consider more drastic solutions. Taking your puppy to a dog trainer, offering it up for adoption while it is still cute and young or looking into medication for diseases are all options for extremely aggressive puppies. The key is to act early, before your dog develops long lasting habits that make it a dangerous adult.

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