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How to Revoke Guardianship

    • 1). Obtain two physician certificates that indicate the physician has examined you and has found you to be of sound mind and body and no longer incapacitated. While standards vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, some states require you to submit medical proof that you are no longer incapacitated.

    • 2). Draft a Petition for Revocation of Guardianship. You can obtain the general form from your county courthouse. The form varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but generally is a simple form which requires you to state the reason why you wish the guardianship to be terminated. Attach your medical certificates to the petition. When you file the petition and pay the filing fees, you will be given a date to appear.

    • 3). Provide notice of your petition and date to the guardian or natural and adoptive parents if the revocation is based upon a minor reaching the age of eighteen. Generally the court will enter a decree terminating the guardianship when you appear on your petition. In the case where the current guardian disputes your competence, the court will set a hearing or jury trial on the matter.

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