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How to Make Printable Party Invitations Online

    Invitation Land

    • 1). Select "Free Invitations" from the left navigation. Then pick the type of party invitation you want to make. Click the image of the card in the "Invitation Card" section to load the Free Invitation Maker.

    • 2). Customize the card by highlighting any existing text you want to modify. Type the text you want in its place or click the box (on the left of the line of text) to delete it. Insert the type of party you are hosting, along with the date, time and place.

    • 3). Include the RSVP details to have guests respond.

    • 4). Select the "Colors/Font" tab to customize your text and colors.

    • 5). Click on the color on the left representing the color you want to change. Then select a new color in the color swatch to change it.

    • 6). Pick a font from the "Change the Font" section (on the left) to switch the fonts in the invitation.

    • 7). Click the "Create PDF" tab and select four cards per page, two cards per page or a single card.

    • 8). Click "Create PDF" to load the completed invitation in a new window. Then select "File" and "Print" to print it out.

    Purple Trail (Membership Required)

    • 1). Click the "Get Started Now!" button.

    • 2). Select a style from "Design Format" and a size from "Design Size" or accept the default setting.

    • 3). Double-click the party invitation you want to use or customize. To create your own design, double-click the "Blank Design Template."

    • 4). Go to the "Personalize card" section and click "Personalize this Design."

    • 5). Click "Get Backgrounds" to change the background. Select a background in the "Backgrounds" section and drag it onto the card design. To change the background color, click "Background Color" instead.

    • 6). Select the text on the invitation or type in the text of your choice. Click "Font" in the menu to customize the font and size.

    • 7). Click "Photos" to insert your own image. Select a photo from the gallery. Then close the gallery to return to the design, and drag the image from the "Photos" section onto your invitation.

    • 8). Select the "File and Save" tab and click "I'm Finished."

    • 9). Register for an account. Deselect "Share this design with others?" if you prefer not to, then click "Save." You will be redirected to the invitation.

    • 10

      Go to the "Select what you want to send" section on the right and choose "Order Printed Cards or Digital Download."

    • 11

      Go to the "Preview your design and approve" section and initial your approval.

    • 12

      Go to the "Select Print Ordering Options" and select "Print your own - Digital Download" or "Print your own - PurpleTrail Club Member." Then "Add to Cart."

    American Greetings (Membership Required)

    • 1). Double-click the party invitation design you want to use.

    • 2). Click the "get started" button once the invitation loads with dummy text.

    • 3). Double-click any text you want to edit. Then highlight it and type your own in its place.

    • 4). Select any text you want to format. Then choose a font, font size, color, style or alignment from the menu.

    • 5). Click "add photos" and "get photos" to add photos to the invitation.

    • 6). Click the "add art" button to insert your own art. Then drag the artwork where you want it to appear.

    • 7). Select "save project" or "join now to print" when you are finished.

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