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Ten Tips For Increasing Back of Room Sales

NEVER SELL! Just give an entertaining and information-packed talk that whets the appetite for more.
Think of your speech like a movie commercial: If your subject matter is viable, there is far more content than can be covered in one speech! Develop your presentation to hit the high points.
Anyone watching a movie commercial that interests them will WANT to pay to see the whole movie.
Use this concept to increase your sales without ever selling.
Grease the gears: Get them thinking about your products early in the presentation by giving away a free copy of each of your products (with a super brief and compelling overview of its "value" points for the guests, should they wish to get their own copy if they don't get a free one).
Idea: Give copies to your volunteers.
Make Distance Your Friend.
When calling on people in the audience, select the person farthest from you.
Then, when you send back their "free" book, pass it to someone in the front row and ask them to pass it back saying, "Just pass it over your shoulder back...
thanks!" (Many hands on your book!) 4.
Mention the act of writing the book/resource...
how you were thinking of people "just like you" who "needed" what your resource has to offer.
Simply assume that they want what you are offering.
Speak as though you are sure they will purchase the "rest of the story," because it was for them that you took the effort to write it all down in the format that has helped so many people.
Speak of "investment" vs.
" They are not buying your materials, they are investing in themselves.
Wisely collect contact information.
Invite guests to sign up for your free ezine, or to receive a free pen (or other marketing object) with your contact information on it (if they stop by your table after the program), but never make the mistake of having a registration box at your booth where people can "win" one your products! Most people are too smart to spend money on what they think they might attain at no cost.
Have enough help! Ask your site host to recruit volunteers to help you.
Offer each a free autographed resource.
Be sure to allow time to train them in on your products, credit card system, etc.
Sign books in advance.
Everyone can wait five minutes, some can wait fifteen, but very few will wait more than fifteen minutes to get your book.
They will convince themselves that they can get it later.
Don't miss valuable sales by needing to personally autograph each book right then! 9.
Books 'n Breaks.
If you are speaking for more than one session, take note that most product sales will occur during your first break.
Do your best commercial first! 10.
End with Laughter: People feel like "continuing" with you if you leave them on a high note.

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