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Kids Games for Birthday Parties & Family Reunions

    Mystery Animals

    • As most kids enjoy learning about animals and guessing games, try playing this game at any party with young guests. Begin the game by gathering the children into a sitting circle, according to the website, Amazing Moms. Pick one of the players to leave the room. While she's gone, have all the children decide on an animal. Bring the player back and sit her in the middle of the circle. Tell her she has to ask yes or no questions to figure out the animal the children have come up with. Questions like "Does it live in the ocean?" or "Does it eat meat?" work well. The player can ask 10 questions until she has to guess the animal. If she guesses the wrong animal, she has to leave the room again while the children pick another animal. If she succeeds, a new player takes a turn. Continue playing for as long as you like.


    • Play this body-contorting party game to break the ice by first gathering the kids into a room. During the game, you call out both a number and an object the kids can represent together using their bodies. Before you begin, come up with numbers that divide evenly with the amount of kids in attendance. For instance, if you have 20 players, use numbers like two, four, five and ten. Good objects include washing machines, lawn mowers and cars. When ready call out a number and an object. The kids quickly divide themselves into groups of the number you gave and find a way to represent the object using their combined bodies. Continue the game until you run out of objects to use.

    Splash Mouth

    • If the heat has presented itself during your party, gather the kids outside for this party game from the Source for Youth Ministry website. Before the game, fill several balloons with water. Place the balloons in two separate buckets. Place the buckets outside a few feet away from each other. On the other side of the yard, position two empty buckets parallel to the filled buckets. Then, divide the players into two teams and position each team behind a filled bucket. When you say "Go," the players at the front of the line grab one balloon each with their teeth and race to the empty buckets. After they deposit their balloons (if the balloons don't pop), they head back to their lines, prompting the next players in line to continue the race. The first team to finish wins.

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