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How to Change a Music Library to a New iPod

    PC Platform

    • 1). Plug the old iPod into a computer with a USB cable. Do not allow it to sync with iTunes.

    • 2). Open the iPod drive on the computer, usually designated as the D or E drive.

    • 3). Click "Tools," "Folder Options" and then click the "View" tab.

    • 4). Click on "Show hidden files and folders" on the list, and then click on "OK."

    • 5). Copy the iPod folder named "iPod Control," and paste it onto the desktop.

    • 6). Unplug the old iPod and plug in the new iPod with the USB cable.

    • 7). Navigate to the new iPod drive, and click and drag the iPod Control folder into the drive to the same place it was in the old iPod. The songs and playlists should be available on the new iPod.

    Mac Platform

    • 1). Connect the iPod to the computer, and wait for iTunes to load. Ctrl-click the iPod in the menu on the left side of the computer screen, and click "iPod Options." Click on and check the "Enable Disk Use" box, if not already checked.

    • 2). Double-click the hard drive option, or click on "File" and "New Finder Window," and then click on "Applications." Double-click on, which may be in the Utilities folder.

    • 3). Type or paste this text into the Terminal window: "defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE," press Enter, and then type "killall Finder." Press Enter, but don't close the window.

    • 4). Double-click on the iPod icon on the desktop, and then double-click on the iPod Control folder, which contains the Music folder. Drag the Music folder to the desktop.

    • 5). Unplug the old iPod and plug in the new iPod with the USB cable. Navigate to the iPod's "iPod Control" folder, and drag the music folder on the desktop into the "iPod Control folder." The new iPod now contains the music library.

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