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How to pick up chicks

    • 1). Visit bars, nightclubs, coffee shops, book stores and any social functions near you so that you can meet and interact with as many different women as possible. The law of averages applies so the more women you meet and talk to, the higher the chance you'll meet someone you hit it off with.

    • 2). Compliment women that you're attracted to when you see them in public. Even if it doesn't go anywhere, you could still make a good impression and get less nervous in starting up conversation the more you do it.

    • 3). Ask a woman you like for her number or offer to buy her a drink. The direct approach is often appealing because it shows confidence and you likely won't have luck dating a woman you just met if you don't show that interest.

    • 4). Ask your friends to set you up with women they know that they think you'd be attracted to. Many happy couples meet through mutual friends.

    • 5). Sign up for online dating sites such as eHarmony, and OkCupid. Many sites allow you to fill out a profile for free but most require a subscription to see photos and to contact other people through their site. You could find a woman you're attracted to and have a lot in common within your matches.

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