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Different Types of Fertiliser and Their Uses

Fertiliser has been the tool of developing and protecting plants since time immemorial. During earlier times, organic fertiliser like cow dung used vegetable manure and other sort of natural fertilisers were used. However after the introduction of inorganic fertilisers, they are used which not only develop plants and crops but also helps in ripening of the fruits and vegetables and make them more fruitful.

Fertilisers are added to the soil and they helps in protecting plants from pest infect. The fertilisers mostly come in powdered or liquid form as these fertiliser forms are believed to provide immediate effect and have a wide coverage quality. Powdered fertilisers are mixed in the soil and help in improving quality whereas liquid fertilisers come in sprays which are mostly sprayed in crops as they are useful in covering the large fields. The organic fertiliser contains organic plant or animal matter.

Organic fertilisers include manure and compost fertilisers which are naturally produced. Apart from that, the inorganic fertilisers are artificially procured and used for plant development. For the use of inorganic fertilisers and synthetic fertilisers, a particular soil test is done to determine the soil quality. This is done to ensure that fertiliser burn caused by over use of the fertiliser in the plant or crop does not occur.

Organic fertiliser is helpful as they improve the soil quality and its lifespan. It also develops the long term productivity of the soil. The organic fertiliser is used to develop the soil quality and improve the productivity of the soil, whereas the inorganic fertiliser is used to drive away pests and protect it from infestation.

As farming is an important occupation, there are many people who depend upon farming for their living. There are two types of farming, organic gardening farming where farming is done by organic methods by the use of garden fertilizer and organic materials. In this method of farming, the inorganic manure and fertilizers are not used for crops. The organic fertilizers include compost and manure like cow dung and used vegetable manure.

In the process of inorganic farming, the crops are developed with the use of inorganic manure such as pesticide sprays and powdered pesticides which are added to the soil or sprayed into the crops to develop them. Organic gardening is the most common form of gardening. The process of organic horticulture includes the planting of cover crops and inter-cropping which helps to keep the soil covered and fertile for long. The use of effective garden fertilizer methods also improves soil protection, effective fertilization and water conservation for the farmers.

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