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LinkedIn a Talent Economy Outshines The Rest

Innovation in technology changes the whole face of the world. Organization's operation changed and consequently the search and recruitments are also continuously changing from last ten years. According to a survey report, about Eight Nine percent of companies planned to use Social media platform in the beginning of the year 2011. The most surprising fact is that talent did not exist at that time of the century. This trend has a big shift in the professional life of individuals and recruiter firms.

In the older times, organizations with high capital and resources had a winning impact. Resources would help in building heavy infrastructure and marketing budgets while capital help in financing big projects and diversifications. Today's paradigm of competition has changed overall with the introduction of the technology and the globalization. Technology and the globalization accelerate change in business environment worldwide.

In the era of pace business environment, talented workforce seemed to have his curial part. In the world of economic recession and unemployment, talented workforce has been in vicious demand. Professionals have a number of tools and services which are so widespread and powerful that they changed the career building aspect overall. Professional gathered and bradized themselves on social media networks like LinkedIn. Professional updates their profiles, enhance their connection peers. This benefits the recruiters in having access to quality of information of talented workforce at large scale. LinkedIn study report reveals that about eighty three percent of employed respondents are not actively involved in job hunt and peering while seventeen percent are actively involved.

These trends changed the face of recruitments, as talent is the significant factor for business. About nine thousand corporate search for social media networks for recruitments solutions. Recent example for this change of recruitment is Wal-Mart, has hired its senior team from Asia through LinkedIn network and saved three million dollars.

Today, social media offers an entirely different platform to potential candidates. The top ten recruitment organizations shared business of one million on LinkedIn profile views. Smart organizations realized the fact that individual correlation through LinkedIn makes them more unbolt to career debates. Organization hunts for potential talent in specific industry, demographics by looking in to the employees' profiles among existing employees. This will increase the competency in the job market not only in companies operation but also on economies. And there would be no reason for post to go vacant while having this talent economy.

Summing up all, about one hundred and fifty million professionals have chosen LinkedIn social media and more are getting started. Recent updates shows that six hundred fourth million professionals worldwide and three billion workforces are on LinkedIn across the globe. LinkedIn transform the professional direction towards carriers, way organizations effectively acquired talent and competition in the industries.

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