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Saint Shifters Vs. XT Shifters

    XT Shifters

    • Shimano makes two XT Shifters, the SL and the ST. The SL-M770 and the ST-M775 have a two-way release so riders can dial in their shifting preferences from thumb to index finger. Both sets of levers feature Shimano SIS-SP41 outer housing and coated stainless steel cable for crisp shifting and durability. The ST-M775 allow the rider to shift two gears at a time in either direction. Original sticker price for the 770 is $160 (as of 2010) and the pair weigh in at 255 grams. The 775 weighs in at 515 grams per pair and has an original sticker price of $399.

    Saint Shifters

    • The Saint features a short release lever stroke for rapid cornering but only can shift one gear at a time. This shifter is more geared to the free-ride and downhill mountain biker and comes in front and rear or just a right-hand shifter. Original sticker price of the Saint Shifters was $200 (in 2010) and they weigh in at 142 grams for the pair.

    Common Features

    • The Saint and XT shifters are ergonomically designed for easy reaching and are compact. They feature Rapidfire Plus technology and both types of shifters are nine-speed compatible. The instant release means faster shifting with these Shimano products and both shifters can be mounted in multiple positions for rider preference.

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