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Homemade Solar Cooking

    • 1). Lay out the reflective windshield cover on a flat work surface with the cut out for the rear view mirror at the top farthest from you.

    • 2). Cut or tear off three strips of duct tape that are 5 inches long. Tape the edges of the duct tape to the edge of your work area so that the majority of the duct tape hangs freely until you are ready to use it.

    • 3). Grab each side of the reflective cover and fold it into the middle of the cover so that both sides meet and overlap to form a pointy end with a cone shape. Hold the shape down and place the duct tape strips along the length of the intersection at somewhat even intervals. Let the shape go.

    • 4). Place the pointy end of the cone shaped reflector into the bottom of a bucket or a sturdy box. Put the cake rack or small wire grill flat inside the cone shape so it uses the edges of the box or bucket for support.

    • 5). Put your food items into the black pot and place the lid on top. Put a folded wash cloth in the bottom of an oven bag. Place your black pot on top of the wash cloth. Gather the edges of the oven bag together, blow some air into the oven bag and close it tightly with a twist tie.

    • 6). Place the solar cooker out facing the sun so that the shadow is cast directly behind the solar cooker. Allow it to preheat for 20 to 30 minutes. Place your cooking pot that is still inside the oven bag down inside the solar cooker to sit on the cake rack or small wire grill.

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